Advertising towers

Based on our long-time experience in planning, production and installation of advertising towers, we are a reliable partner in the field of tower projects. No matter if only single parts are needed or a whole advertising tower. We can support you in any case and ensure that the project is handled fast, in a money-saving and uncomplicated manner.

Generally, we offer the pole of bigger constructions out of spun concrete, as its elasticity and easiness to maintain provide a better investment protection than that of a steel mast. Small constructions can be delivered with steel mast, too. Though there is a choice to choose between a clamped pole in a bucket foundation or a screwed pole with bolt cage.

Up to 25m and with an advertising surface of multiple sides not bigger than 10000x2000m per side, the pole in a bucket foundation is economically more advantageous. For bigger poles, the screwed type should be chosen. The statics of the advertising tower contains also the calculation of the foundation if the geological survey is available. Country-specific data and local requirements are considered in the electric planning and the statics.

Optionally, the galvanised steel construction of the advertising head can be made accessible, which mainly depends on the size of the advertising boxes and the height of the towers. All constructions are provided as an assembly set for worldwide cost-efficient delivery.

For the advertising boxes we use well-established profile boxes or flex face boxes. Illumination includes all usual varieties. Fronts are labelled by vinyl applications or digital print.