Flexface signs

Depending on use, size and format, we apply three tensioning systems proved and tested for several years.

This aluminium tensioning profile is applicable for small and medium-sized light boxes and banners. While using EZ system, the tensioning frame can be made as a fold-away construction or welded directly on the return of the box. Both designs allow for quick and easy maintenance and a simple change of the flex face.

A special alternative is profile EZ 2000, which provides for borderless illumination and can be deployed up to 3000mm.

The tensioning system Block is suitable for oval and variously shaped boxes, as well as for flex face letters. This profile allows shape design up to 4000mm. The flex face is tensioned by tensioning clips. The light boxes can be produced in different depth matching with the type of illumination.


This tensioning system has been especially developed for very large flex face boxes. The inner construction consists of a galvanized steel frame and consequently comes up to high static specifications. The boxes can be produced with different depths (300-750mm), so that they can be walkable from inside. Service doors on the back facilitate the exchange of lighting and carrying out other necessary maintenance works respectively.
The flex face system provides for continuous tensioning of flex faces up to 8000mm.

In all flex face systems the illumination can be provided through the LED panels LM03, neon or fluorescent tubes. The electrical installation is conform to protection class IP57. Single parts such as converters and light panels come up to protection class IP67.