Led Flat Profiles

Sophisticated form – Great appearance

The system LED Flat allows for 10-30mm flat, absolutely homogeneous and bright LED acrylic letters in different sizes and fonts. Thereby a variety of lighting options is available: lighting forward, backwards or sideways, as well as combined.

This system is our cutting edge lighting technology - steadily enhanced for you.

We only apply high-quality LEDs of well-known manufacturers.
In all profiles, LEDs with varied light intensity can be selected. Mostly, we build in 0.1W or 0.3W LEDs. Due to the optimised heat management within the letters, the expected LED life time is 60 000 hours. This means extremely low maintenance effort.

LEDs can be acquired in several colours, i.e. light intensity and colours can be combined, which creates remarkable optical results. For additional colour effects, we apply RGB LEDs.  
Optionally, sign systems might be dimmed by remote control.

Frontlit, 25 mm deep.

Frontlit and backlit, 25 mm deep.

Backlit with halo, 10-25 mm deep.

Sidelit, 20-30 mm deep.

Sidelit and frontlit, 10-30 mm deep.
Without sideways lacquering, this allows for a full sidelight already from 10mm depth.

Sidelit and frontlit, 20-30 mm deep.

Sidelit and backlit, 30 mm deep.

Frontlit and backlit or only frontlit.
Less bright, low-priced, suitable for series.
50, 60 or 70 mm deep.

Frontlit with visible LED dots.
From 20 mm depth.

Frontlit and sidelit.
From 20 mm depth.
10mm full acrylic letters are glued on a 10mm supporting plate;  different materials can be combined freely here.

Download here our LED-Flat catalogue