LED illumination

Leuchtmodul LM 01 - 03 - 05

Light module LM 01-03-05 is our latest proprietary development. These LED light panels are used in all profile letters and box profiles.Each single module is provided with a converter. The light panels can be built into the letters or banners fast and easily.

For the usage in light boxes, the panels LM03 are constructed and fitted for easy servicing. No specialised knowledge is needed, it is as simple as the replacement of a fluorescent tube. This brings down maintenance costs considerably compared to other LED systems.

We have also developed a light panel especially for large signages, where 2.5W Power LEDs can be used. These allow a luminosity which has not been available until now combined with a high investment protection.


- very good light diffusion
- homogeneous lighting: up to 600cd per m2 luminance
- fast return of investment
- low maintenance costs
- low power consumption; up to max. 50W per m2
- excellent heat release
- simple changeover of signages from neon and fluorescent tubes to LED

The light module panels have protection class IP67. Thereby the diodes are not poured in epoxi resin, which prevents haze and accelerated ageing.

We only use LEDs of the latest generation of well-known manufacturers.