Newsletter 14.05.2014

Low-voltage system for LED letters

After a very intense developing phase, we have the pleasure to introduce our new low-voltage system for LED letters. Within this system we use 24V for SF full acrylic letters or 48V power supply in case of bigger signs. We combine thereby the advantages of the low-voltage system and at the same time, we elude the well-known disadvantages of a 5V or 12V power supply – such as contact corrosion and big wire gauge.

In order to prevent heating up the LEDs in the letters, we do not use series resistors within the single circuits, but constant current power


Thereby, an optimal operation of the LEDs and the usually long life time of the letters are ensured.

A further advantage of the low-voltage system is the electrically reliable connection of the letters in a very simple way. The number of the needed converters will also be considerably reduced. As we only use converters of highest quality, the failure probability is also substantially minimized.

The system meets the demands of the UL norm and can be used from 100V supply voltage.

Have a look at our SF letter profiles and plan your next signage with the new low-voltage system.