Newsletter 29.11.2012

Bright lights from Hungary

Profile 1 and 2 with LED  - Neon letters with LED

The economic journal International Trade News has called on us. – An article about us as a well-positioned LED sign producer on the European market will be published in the December edition. We are looking forward to it!

Click here to read the article.

Profile 1 and 2 with LED  - Neon letters with LED

In order to remain to our reputation, we are presenting you our latest product.
While strolling along in a shopping mall, one doesn’t want to miss the sight of classical neon signs. We have developed a product which looks like a neon sign, but contains the energy efficiency of LEDs, their durability and low maintenance.

The body of the letter remains the same as the conventional profile 1 or 2 letter – power-coated aluminium. Instead of a bare neon tube, an acrylic one will be inserted in the requested colour. This tube will be illuminated by LEDs. Hence we achieve the same lighting effect, but benefit from the advantages of LEDs. The slightly higher production costs will be compensated by lower operating costs.