Advertising Towers

We offer a wide variety of advertising towers produced from steel or spun concrete masts


Key Features


Individual design, turnkey completion, with multilingual customer care


Deadline-oriented, customer-focused full project management


Static calculations and designs according to country-specific norms in national languages


Worldwide installation and maintenance by our own service teams or with our regional partners

Masts produced from steel or spun concrete 1-2 or 3 side towers

EN1090 certified production for steel structures.

We use only the latest generation LEDs with exquisitely high energy efficiency and running time from well-known manufacturers. This system is used in our newly produced signs and also in case of retrofit.

Modular LED-system for easy installation
IP67 rated drivers, IP65 rated electrical installation
CE-certified illumination system with EMC compliance
Spun concrete and steel pole solutions for customer wishes
Flexface boxes with modular elements in all sizes
High-quality materials and components
Thermo swith to protect LEDs against overheating

We offer a wide variaty of extra options like maintenance access, flight warning, solar panels and retrofitting.

Maintenance access with horizontal grating and vertical ladder systems
Dimming possibilities with analogue and digital signals (0-10V, PWM, DALI)
Surge protection (SPD) and lightning protection systems (LPS) according to local regulations
Different protective solutions against birds
Flight warning system
Solar panels with batteries
Retrofit, meaning replacement of the illuminants by our energy-efficient LED-system, also a brand-new appearance through the exchange of flexfaces and cover sheets.


We offer warranty
and after sale service

Long term warranty and supply of spare parts
Electrical components, installations, illuminants, lacquering: 5 years Flexface incl. vinyl application: up to 7 years depending on location
Regular maintenance for safety and aesthetic reasons to prolong running time: inspection, replacement of components, repairs, corrosion treatment, high-pressure eco-cleaning
Guaranteed long running time and operational safety through high-quality materials and innovative technologies