General Business Terms and Conditions
of Scan Sign Kft.

January 2023

Article 1
The business relations between the Supplier and the Client shall be based on the following General Business Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The General Terms and Conditions shall also apply to all future orders of the Client, even if the Supplier does not refer to them in each case.


Article 2
Offer and prices
The offers are nonbinding.
The Client’s order shall be accepted only upon written order confirmation by the Supplier.
The drawings and all other technical documents and specifications shall remain our (Scan Sign Kft.) property; the Supplier shall be the sole owner of the copyright with respect to such documents.
These documents may not be used for purposes other than those for which they were intended.
Unless otherwise agreed, prices are quoted ex works, without packaging.


Article 3
Confirmation of the order
Production and delivery shall be governed solely by the literal wording of the order confirmation.
Any errors or mistakes shall be reported to the Supplier immediately upon receipt of the order confirmation, otherwise the order shall be deemed accepted.
Complaints by the Client may not be made after 2 days from the date of receipt.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the execution that are technically necessary and reasonable for the Client, taking into account the Supplier’s interests.


Article 4
Delivery deadline
The delivery deadlines given by the Supplier in the order confirmation are only valid on condition that the Supplier respects them to the fullest extent possible.
Failure to meet the delivery deadline does not entitle the Client to withdraw from the contract or claim damages.
The specified delivery date starts on the date on which the order is finally clarified from a technical and designing point of view, i.e. when the control drawing is finally approved.
If the Client makes any subsequent changes after the approval of the control drawing, this may affect the agreed delivery date.


Article 5
Packaging shall be carried out with due care by the Supplier, either with disposable cardboard boxes charged at cost price by the Supplier, or with returnable crates, or with the railway’s own means of transport.
Returnable crates must be returned to the Supplier in Budapest within 30 days, free of charge.

Article 6
Delivery and passing of risks
Delivery is principally from Budapest, ex works, at the expense and risk of the Customer.
The Supplier shall be liable for damaging, breakage or loss of the shipment only to the extent that the Supplier has taken out transport insurance policy at the expense of the Client.
Goods declared ready for delivery and assembly but not received by the Customer within 5 days may be stored at the Customer’s expense and risk.


Article 7
Quality complaints (claims)
Quality complaints must be submitted within 8 days of receipt of the goods.
Quality complaints must be submitted in writing.
Failure to comply with this formality requirement and deadline will result in the exclusion of quality claims and the right to make changes or reduce the price.
Furthermore, claims for damages or contractual penalties, regardless of their basis, and the Supplier’s liability for consequential damages are excluded.
As a Supplier, we do not carry out the anodizing works ourselves, so we cannot guarantee the execution either.
Usual colour deviations and material tolerances do not constitute a defect and do not give rise to a complaint.


Article 8
Payment conditions
Unless otherwise agreed, payments are made within 8 days of receipt of the invoice with a 2% discount or within net 30 days.
If the Client is in default payment, the Supplier is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2% for each month commenced, unless a higher rate is payable under the contractual provisions.

Article 9
Reservation of title
The goods sold remain our property until full settlement of our claim arising from our business relationship with the Customer.
The Customer is entitled to dispose of the purchased goods in the ordinary course of business.
The reservation of title also applies to the total value of the goods resulting from the processing, mixing and combining of our products, in which we are considered to be the manufacturer.
If third parties’ goods are processed, mixed or combined with our goods and their ownership is retained, we acquire joint ownership in proportion to the invoice value of these processed goods.
The Customer hereby assigns to us, as security, its claims against third parties arising from the resale, in full or up to the amount of our share of any partial ownership.
The Customer is authorised to collect these for our account until his payment to us is withdrawn or terminated.
Nor shall the Customer be entitled to assign this claim for the purpose of recovering the claim by means of a factoring unless at the same time the obligation of the factor to pay us directly the consideration equal to our share of the claim is established for as long as we have any outstanding claims against the Customer.
The Customer must notify us immediately by registered letter if third parties have access to goods and claims belonging to us.
The exercise of the reservation of title does not constitute the termination of the contract.
Goods and substitute claims may not be pawned to a third party, transferred or assigned as security before full payment of our claim.
If the value of the securities exceeds the value of our claims by more than 20%, we will release the securities of our choice at the Customer’s request.

Article 10
Applicable law and jurisdiction”
All business relations shall be governed by the Hungarian law and all disputes shall be subject to the general jurisdiction of the courts in accordance with Act CXXX of 2016 on the Hungarian Code of Civil Procedure.


Article 11
Warranty rights, guarantee
The Supplier warrants the products (equipment) it supplies.
The provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (Civil Code) shall apply to the warranty.
Any defects found must be a result of manufacturing or material defects.
In the case of a warranty claim, the Supplier shall bear the costs of repairing the defect, provided that the possibility of repair is available.
This does not include the costs of travel to and from the site, any scaffolding or appropriate installation aids.
However, they are only covered up to the original value of the damaged part of the product or equipment.
The possibility of repairing requires the setting of a deadline, with the threat of refusal.
Only after that can a reduction of the labour costs be claimed.
In all other respects, the warranty obligation shall be governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code.
The warranty obligation shall be excluded if in the complained product (equipment) not from the Supplier purchased actuators or accessories have been used, or if the installation of the delivered products (equipment) by third parties have not been made in accordance with the specifications, or if the Customer has operated them in a manner contrary to the specifications, or if a company not authorised by the Supplier has interfered with the product (equipment).
In all other respects, the warranty obligation shall be governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code.

Scan Sign Kft., Budapest, Hungary, 2023